Cooling Fins 101: A Guide For Homeowners

Your air conditioner runs like a workhorse while you stay seated inside your home, blissfully enjoying the fact that you are cool and comfortable in spite of the summer sun. If you are like a lot of homeowners, you rarely give a lot of attention to some of the most functional components of the system. This is especially true with parts that don't move or provide a direct function, like the cooling fins. You may have never heard of cooling fins, but they are a vital part of any AC, and getting to know them could do you some good if you love your home air conditioner. 

What are the cooling fins of an AC?

Cooling fins are an interesting part of the average AC system. They do not move or directly provide cooling action, but they do serve an important purpose. In any setting, cooling fins are meant to gather introduced heat so it will dissipate faster. This is why you see cooling fins in a radiator on the motor of a vehicle. In the case of an air conditioner, cooling fins dissipate heat from the compressor, which works hard to cool the home and gets very hot very quickly in intense temperatures. These fins work to protect the compressor from itself and the heat that it generates, which is a pretty major job. 

Where are cooling fins located in an AC?

The cooling fins surround the exterior compressor unit, which means they are responsible for directly radiating heat away from the compressor itself when it is in motion. The bad thing about these fins being outside and not in is they can fall victim to flying debris, weedeaters, and other items that manage to hit them. It is very easy to bend these aluminum fins if they are not further protected by a metal grate, which some modern air conditioners do have for that very reason. 

What happens if cooling fins are bent and broken?

If you make it outside to check out your cooling fins and you see that they are all misshapen and broken, it is best to call for air conditioning repairs. These fins directly affect the efficiency of your air conditioner, and leaving them as they are can cause long-term harm. Even though an AC will run with messed-up fins, the inner components can overheat more quickly, break down faster, and have to be replaced earlier. 

To learn more, contact an air conditioning company.

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