Why Your Air Conditioning System Doesn't Work: Common Reasons For AC Repair

Your air conditioning can make your home an oasis when the weather is out of control, hot and humid outside. While you might enjoy the cool air in your home, there can come a time when your air conditioning system stops working. You might not feel cool air coming from your vents, or you hear your system turn on and off without experiencing a temperature change. Low refrigerant levels, electrical problems, a broken blower, or ice on your evaporator coils might be causing your air conditioner to stop working properly. Even a clogged air filter or drain plug can create problems with your air conditioning, and you may need AC repair services to come and check out what is going on.

When Refrigerant Levels are Low

Refrigerant can leak out of your air conditioning system, making it difficult for your system to provide cool air. Your system might turn on and off frequently trying to cool off your home, or the evaporator coils can become covered in ice. Your AC contractor can figure out why your air conditioning is low on refrigerant and make any necessary repairs.

When Cool Air Doesn't Come From Your Vents

If you don't feel cool air blowing from your vents, the blower may be broken. The blower takes cool air and blows it into your home, cooling it off. A broken blower needs to be replaced in order for your air conditioning to work. When you feel a slight amount of air coming from your vents, you could have a leak in one of your ducts that needs to be fixed.

Your System Keeps Turning on and Off

If your system repeatedly turns on and off without cooling down your home, it is short cycling. This can be caused by a faulty thermostat, clogged air filters, electrical problems or low coolant levels. When your system is running too hard to cool down your house, it is going to start to overheat. Your AC will shut off instead to avoid damage to the unit. If you hear your system running but you aren't getting any cooler, it's time to call for help with your air conditioning system.

A clogged drain valve, poor air circulation and a thermostat set to fan only can all cause issues with how your air conditioning works. Get the help you need when you don't have cool air and avoid getting stuck without air conditioning in a heatwave.

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