Why AC Efficiency Is A Big Deal

If you seek air conditioning (AC) advice, whether online or in person, one of the points you won't miss is to get an efficient unit. Why is AC efficiency such a big deal? Does an efficient unit cool better than an inefficient one? Below are some of the reasons everyone stresses the importance of efficient AC systems.

Low Energy Bills

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the ratio of an AC's cooling output to the AC's energy consumption over the same period (say a year). If an AC consumes a lot of energy but produces minimal cooling, the AC has a low SEER ration and is considered inefficient. If an AC consumes little energy but produces a lot of cooling, the AC has a high SEER ratio and is efficient. Thus, an efficient AC consumes little energy, and this translates to low energy bills for your household. The savings can be significant, depending on how much you use your AC.


Apart from low energy bills, an efficient AC is also more durable than an inefficient one. An AC experiences more wear and tear when it is running than when it is off. The vibrations, debris accumulation, and motor heat are some of the things that contribute to the wear and tear.

If you have an inefficient AC, it may struggle and take longer to cool the house. Such an AC will run most of the time, leading to increased wear and tear. An inefficient AC is more likely to break down than an efficient one. The frequent breakdowns, coupled with the high rate of wear and tear, will shorten your AC's useful lifetime. Don't forget the frequent repair bills too.

Even Cooling

One common cause of AC inefficiency is improper sizing. One of the effects of improper sizing is uneven cooling. Say your AC is bigger (in terms of capacity) than the space you want to cool. In such a case, the AC will run shorter cycles because it will be reaching the target temperature fast. Unfortunately, only the rooms close to the air handler will cool down fast, other rooms may stay warm. An efficient AC, on the other hand, guarantees you even cooling and comfortable temperatures in all the rooms.

As you can see, you stand to gain a lot by making your AC system efficient. In addition to the above benefits, you may also get tax rebates, and you will also be doing your bit to environmental protection. Consult an HVAC technician for information on how to maintain efficient cooling in your house.

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