3 Ways To Get Your Furnace Ready For Cold Weather

As the cold weather season approaches, and you start to rely on your heater more and more, spend a little time to make sure that your furnace is ready to keep you warm this winter.

#1 Clean All Registers

The registers are the vents in your home that the air comes out of. Before you start really using your furnace, walk around your house and open up all of the registers. You can change the direction of the registers, so make sure that the registers are open and pointed in the right direction.

If the registers have gathered a lot of dust on them over time, dust or vacuum them off. This will help ensure that the air that is coming through the registers is clean and isn't picking up a bunch of dust near the end. Also, make sure that furniture and other items are kept away from the registers. This may require moving around some furniture.

#2 Clean Around Your Furnace

Furnaces are typically located in either basements or garages, both places where excess items end up getting stored or placed over the year. Make sure that lots of items are not stacked up around your furnace.

Your furnace needs to have air flowing freely around it. Additionally, furnaces use gas, and it is a safety issue to have boxes and other items too close to your furnace. Clean up your garage or basement space, and make sure that your furnace has room to work and function.

#3 Check the Filter

Your furnace has a filter. If you didn't change the filter out at the end of last heating season, it's time for a new filter. Although you can often clean and re-use furnace filters, it is best to start the heating season off with a new filter.

Once you have a new filter in, remember to keep an eye on the filter, and clean or replace it as needed. You'll need to clean or replace the filter more frequently if you have pets, and if you constantly heat up your home or only use your furnace occasionally.

Get your furnace ready for winter by cleaning all of your registers in your home and making sure that nothing is blocking them. Then, clean up the space around your furnace so air can properly flow around it. Finally, make sure that you start the season off with a clean filter, and come up with a schedule or routine for checking on the state of the filter throughout the fall and winter.

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