3 Things To Consider When Replacing Your Heat Pump

In many homes, a heat pump is essential for heating and cooling. Because maintaining a comfortable temperature and healthy indoor air quality is important, the heat pump will experience a good amount of stress over time. Ongoing maintenance is key to ensuring it works properly, but heat pumps only have an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. Therefore, you will most likely need to replace yours at one point in time. This guide will help you choose the right heat pump for your home and needs.


Size does matter when it comes to choosing a heat pump, but sizing is not exactly what you think when referring to heating and cooling equipment. Sizing of your heat pump is measured in tons, which is not related to the weight of the heat pump. The number of tons actually refers to the unit's heating and cooling capacity.

You may think the larger the tonnage, the better the heat pump will be at heating and cooling, but that is not true. A system too large for your home may not run long enough to condition the home properly, increasing humidity levels in the summer and decreasing humidity levels in the winter.

Ask your contractor to perform a load calculation on your home. This will ensure your heat pump is sized specifically for your home and climate.


A multi-zone system can be beneficial for your home, especially if it is larger. This system uses a combination of multi-zone thermostats with dampers throughout the home, allowing you to direct airflow, heating and cooling your home in a more efficient and effective manner. The combination of a multi-zone system and different programmable thermostats reduces stress on your heat pump system while decreasing energy bills.


Another thing to consider when choosing a heat pump is whether a two-speed compressor is best for your home. A heat pump with a two-speed compressor conditions air only at the exact capacity needed. This decreases the need of running the heat pump continuously, which places excess stress on the system. The extra stress reduces the lifespan of your heat pump, but it can also lead to energy waste and high heating and cooling costs. Two-speed heat pumps may cost more upfront, but the longer lifespan and energy savings ensure you are making a smart investment.

No matter which size or features you choose, proper understanding will help you make the right choice when replacing your heat pump. To learn more, contact your HVAC contractor for more information. 

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