Cleaning And Changing Your Air Filters

Air filters are more important than people realize in regards to heating their home and cleaning the air. Pleated air filters are used in most HVAC systems, and they are usually connected to the air return, furnace, and/or air registers. In fact, in larger homes, there are usually multiple filters throughout HVAC system. Filters do much more than just contribute to clean air in your house. While it is important not to discount how significantly filters can improve your indoor air quality (IAQ), it is also important to know that air filters affect the actual functionality of your appliances. This article explains what air filters do, and why it is so important to keep them clean.

Multiple Filters

Many buildings will have two air filters. One filter is connected to the duct, where the air blows into the air handler. The other is often connected to the duct where the air blows out of the air handler. The input filter keeps the dust out of the motor, which greatly contributed to its productivity. The other filter removes dust, dander, allergens, mold, and other possible bacteria from the air before it enters your home. Basically, when both of these are working well, you have a more productive HVAC system, lower utility bills, and cleaner air in your home.

Cleaning or Changing Your Filters

Many people decide that they are just going to clean their filters by vacuuming them out. While this will definitely save a little money, and it can help to lengthen the lifespan of your filters, it is not going to contribute to a fully efficient filtering system. Even if you vacuum the dust off the outside of the filter pleats, there is going to be debris absorbed through the outer layer that you cannot see. 

So, even if you vacuum your filters until they are white and clean, they could still be quite dirty on the inside, trapping the bacteria and preventing the filter from absorbing the rest of the debris passing through it. Think of it like a sponge. If a sponge is still wet on the inside, it won't be able to absorb as much moisture. This is pretty much out an air filter works. It is easier to simply replace your air filters instead of trying to clean them. You can buy a three-pack of filters for about $10. So, don't waste your time cleaning your filter just to save $4.

For more information, contact your local heater repair service. 

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