Why Radiant In-Floor Heating Is So Comfortable

Do you have control over the heating system that will go into your next home? If so, you may feel overwhelmed with all your options. Instead of going with a traditional forced air system, consider using radiant in-floor heating. It provides a level of comfort that is much better than any other heating system out there. If you are not familiar with the benefits, know the following two things about radiant heat.

Your Feet Stay Toasty

The problem with forced air systems is that the heat will rise to the top of the room. Depending on where your vents are located, it can make it hard for the hot air to reach the floor, making it the coldest part of the room. As you may be aware, you do not occupy the room near the ceiling, which causes forced air to leave your feet feeling a bit chilly.

As the name implies, radiant heat radiates from water pipes or electrical cables underneath the floor. The hottest part of the room is going to be the floor, where your body is located. Your feet will feel warm and your head will feel slightly cooler, and all of that energy will not be wasted heating part of the room you do not even use.

You Can Create Heating Zones

Every fight over the thermostat with your family? That is because forced air heating has one temperature and one thermostat that regulates the temperature. You have zero control over the heat in individual rooms, which means everyone in your home must want the thermostat set at the same temperature.

Radiant heat as zones, so you can place a thermostat in each room that has its own zone. Create zones for common areas, like the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, and you'll not have to worry about people being uncomfortable when they go to bed.

In addition, these zones help you save money. You can turn the heat off for rooms you are not occupying, which won't waste energy heating an entire house that is not in use. There is no need to heat guest bedrooms or the living room at night when they are not in use.

These are just a few benefits of using radiant in-floor heating for your home. To learn more about this unique heating system, reach out to a local HVAC technician that specializes in the best heating and air conditioning options. They can help with the installation and maintenance of using radiant heat.

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