3 Reasons Your Furnace Is Blowing Cool Air

When outdoor temperatures begin to drop, homeowners rely on a functional furnace to keep their home's interior comfortable. If your furnace suddenly starts blowing cool air, you could have a serious problem on your hands.

To ensure that a malfunctioning furnace isn't compromising the comfort and safety of your family, here are three reasons why your furnace might be blowing cool air and some simple things you can do to correct these problems in the future.

1. Your temperature settings are not correct.

Before you begin to panic when you notice cool air coming from your furnace vents, you should take the time to check your temperature settings. Ensure that the temperature on your thermostat hasn't been accidentally lowered, and make sure that the "fan on" switch has not been engaged.

Improper temperature settings are among the most common reasons why a furnace will suddenly start to blow cool air, but you can easily correct this problem by monitoring your thermostat more closely in the future.

2. Your furnace's heating element has gone bad.

Your furnace is a complex system that relies on several different components to generate heat. If your furnace model utilizes a heating element, this heating element could go bad over time. A failing heating element will result in cool air being blown through your home's vents.

You can test the function of your heating element by removing the heating element from the furnace and using a multimeter to see if the heating element is producing enough power. Low power readings signal a heating element that is no longer working, but you can replace the old element with a new one to restore heat to your home.

3. Your air filter is clogged.

Your furnace must draw in cool air from the surrounding environment in order to heat your home. This cool air is heated by the furnace and then distributed into your home. The air passes through a filter to remove any dirt or debris. and these particles can eventually clog up the air filter.

If the air filter becomes too clogged to allow adequate amounts of air to pass through, you may begin to notice cool air coming from your vents. Replace a clogged air filter to allow your furnace to function efficiently and circulate heated air throughout your home once again.

Being able to troubleshoot a furnace that is blowing cool air can be beneficial in keeping your home's interior comfortable this winter. Try adjusting the temperature settings, testing the heating element, and replacing the air filter if you are plagued by a furnace blowing cool air in the future. For more information, contact an HVAC technician.

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