Why Propane Is Great Gas For Furnaces

Winter is quickly approaching, and now is the time to get your heating system fully operational. Of course, if you are sick of higher utility bills and lower productivity, it might be time to invest in a new furnace. This can be a sizable investment, but it can be very smart when you think about the long-term perks of a new, energy efficient, ultra-productive heating system. As furnaces age, they become inefficient. Newer units have much better specs. This article explains why propane furnaces are such a smart choice:

Propane is A High-Efficiency Gas

Propane is a great gas when it comes to home heating. It burns at a very high level of efficiency. This means that a high percentage of the gas burn can be turned into heat. Propane usually burns at over 90% efficiency, making it one of the most efficient fuels available for residential boilers or furnace. Because of this, there are many modern furnaces that are built for propane. They use minimal electricity and meet all energy efficient rating classifications that homeowners look at, like Energy Star. If you want to have the lowest possible utility bills without having to adjust your thermostat and compromise comfort, propane furnaces are the way to go.

Propane is Affordable

Propane is also very popular because it is abundant, which makes it very affordable. Most propane furnaces will be serviced, with the gas supplied through utility lines that are managed by your local utility company. However, many homeowners also love the fact that they have the option of propane tanks. If you have a separate tank linked to your furnace, you can store a large amount of propane to get you through an entire winter. This is very desirable to homeowners who don't want to rely on public utility services and bills. On the other hand, tanked propane systems might be necessary for homes located in regions where there are no public utilities. Your propane tank will need to be filled up every once in a while, but it is easy to manage, and most tanks have a large capacity, meaning they only need to be refilled once every few years.

You can rest assured that propane is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly natural gas. It is a great way to heat homes all sizes, and you can find many modern furnaces that will be able to handle the size of your home, the matter how big or small it is. Contact local heating repair services for more information and assistance. 

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