Four Common Central Heating System Problems

Not being able to obtain warmth in your house after being out in the cold all day is an uncomfortable feeling, such as when the central heating system is down. You can obtain heat from portable heaters, but they are not able to distribute heat throughout the entire house as a central heating system can.

A technician can resolve your problem by inspecting some of the common areas of the system that are known for causing heating problems when they are damaged. He or she can have the system back in order in no time if there isn't any major problems. As you browse through the information below, you will learn about the possible problems that a technician might find wrong with your heating system.

The Furnace Pilot Isn't Ignited

One of the easiest central heating system problems to repair is a pilot that isn't ignited. This is because it can be fixed within minutes. A technician can ignite the flame during the same visit to your house in which an inspection is done. Igniting the flame is necessary because it is needed for creating the warm air that flows through the system.

Gas Has Stopped Flowing to the Furnace

Depending on the type of furnace that you have, it is possible that a lack of gas is the root of the problem. If gas isn't being distributed to the furnace, there might be something wrong with the line. For example, the gas line might be clogged up with rust or dirt. A gas line problem will require cleaning being done to remove a clog or a new line will need to be installed.

There Is No Power to the Thermostat

The thermostat might not be in a good condition to turn the heating system on. If no electricity is flowing to the thermostat, resolving the problem might lead to you being able to use the system again. A circuit breaker may have tripped and caused the problem. There is also the possibility that the thermostat electrical wiring is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Air Is Unable to Pass Through the Filter

A central heating filter is very important when it comes to the ability to obtain warmth in a house. Although a filter is basically used for capturing dust and other allergens, it can still cause heating problems. This is because air has to pass through the filter before going through the air ducts. If the filter has a thick layer of debris on the surface, air might not be able to pass through. If your central heating system has a substantial amount of damage to all of the important parts, purchase a new one for a technician to install.

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