About Investing in Maintenance for a Central Heater

Do you want to make sure your central heating system is in good shape before cold weather arrives? There are a few areas of your central heating system that should be inspected in case they need a little maintenance. Take a look at this article for helpful information in regard to making sure a central heater will function efficiently when you are ready to use it.

Get Your Air Ducts Inspected

You must keep in mind that air can't make it out of the vents unless it is able to successfully pass through the air ducts. It is in your best interest to get the air ducts inspected to make sure they are not cracked and will allow air to leak out. The fittings on the ducts should also be checked in case they are loose. Getting the air ducts cleaned is another way to help your heater work efficiently.

Make Sure There Is a Functional Thermocouple

There is a thermocouple in the gas furnace to your central heater. The thermocouple is important because the pilot flame will not be present without it in place. Basically, the thermocouple is used for helping the pilot receive continuous gas. If the thermocouple is in bad shape and can't sense a pilot flame, no gas will be released.

Get the Furnace Gas Line Inspected for a Leak

Make sure a contractor is hired to inspect the gas line to your furnace. You don't want the line to have any cracks that allow gas to seep out and cause your heater to work inefficiently. Plus, a gas leak is hazardous because it can cause an explosion in your house.

Make Sure the Pilot Orifice Is Not Clogged Up

It is important to get the pilot orifice inspected in case it is clogged up, especially if you haven't used your heater in a long time. Dirt and other types of debris can accumulate in the orifice and prevent a flame from coming out of the pilot. The orifice might need to be replaced if it is old and full of rust.

Get the Thermostat Checked for Accuracy

Your central heater will not function efficiently if there is not an accurate thermostat in place. For instance, it is possible for the needle in a thermostat to become loose or damaged, which leads to inaccurate readings. Speak to a heating contractor about inspecting all of the major areas of your central heating system and performing maintenance.

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