3 Reasons To Invest In Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One of the most important safety features that you can add to your home is carbon monoxide detectors. They detect the CO (carbon monoxide) emissions that can come out of pretty much any heat producing appliance that utilizes gas or propane, such as an oven, furnace, or water heater. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to invest in a carbon monoxide detector.

Early Detection

Many carbon monoxide detectors are designed to be quite sensitive, which means that they will often detect a carbon monoxide leak very shortly after it starts. This is very important as it allows you to have the time to actually get your family out of the house and contact someone to repair or stop the leak before CO poisoning sets in and your judgement or reflexes are affected.

Flexible Placement Options

Another reason to invest in a carbon monoxide detector is that they can be quite flexible when it comes to placing them and installing them. For example, you can hire a contractor to come to your home and replace all of your smoke detectors with dual-purpose detectors that have multiple sensors designed to detect both smoke and a CO leak.

However, if you want to save a bit of money, you can also buy battery-powered carbon monoxide detectors that can simply be attached to the wall via an adhesive back or set on a shelf. This option is useful if you want to have the detectors as close to the possible sources of a CO leak as you can. You can set these detectors on a shelf near your oven or in the utility room with your furnace and water heater to detect the leaks as soon as possible.

Lowers Home Insurance Rates

Finally, you will want to consider investing in carbon monoxide detectors because they can help you negotiate a lower rate on your home insurance. Since home insurance rates are determined based on how much of a risk there is to your home and property, finding ways to lower that risk can help lower your rates. By installing carbon monoxide detectors you are helping to decrease the likelihood that you will need to file a medical claim for carbon monoxide poisoning, which saves your insurance company money, which will often result in a better home insurance rate for you.

Contact an HVAC contractor today in order to discuss the feasibility of installing carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. These detectors can provide early warning and detection at the first signs of a CO leak, be easily placed anywhere in the home, and even help to lower your home insurance rates.

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