2 Reasons To Consider A Window-Mounted Air Conditioner For Your Home

One of the most versatile and beneficial alternatives to a traditional central air system is a window-mounted unit that is designed to cool a single room at a time. Listed below are two reasons to consider a window-mounted air conditioner instead of a central air unit.

Quick Installation

A major benefit provided by a window-mounted air conditioner is a unit that the entire installation process can be completed on your own in about an hour, mostly because the hardest part of the process is simply lifting the unit onto the window sill. After that step is complete, you only need to worry about lowering the window to hold the unit in place and sealing off the open space between the unit and the window frame to keep the cool air in and block out pests. In some cases, you may need to attach supports to the wall outside of your home in order to provide additional support for the unit, but that only applies to the larger units and doesn't add much time to the installation process.

This makes window-mounted units an attractive alternative to central air if you need to cool your home down quickly. This is because installing a central air system is typically going to require several days before you will be able to begin using it.

Cost Effective

Another benefit provided by a window-mounted air conditioner is that it is a fantastic option if you have a small budget or just want to save money on the cooling system. In most cases, a window-mounted unit will not cost you more than a few hundred dollars, whereas a central air unit will typically cost several thousand dollars due to hardware costs and labor.

For example, a 2,000 square foot house can cost up to $4,000 to install central air if no ductwork is needed. Alternatively, you would be able to buy multiple window-mounted units and install them yourself for a fraction of that price.

Another reason that a window-mounted unit can be more cost effective is because it is easy to control how you cool your home. With a central air unit, it is inevitable that you will cool empty rooms and drive up your utility bill because the central air system will attempt to cool every room at the same time. When you have window-mounted units installed around the house, you can turn off a unit as you leave the room and turn on another one when you enter a room and effectively stop cooling rooms that are not occupied or in use.

Speak with an HVAC contractor to determine if window-mounted units are the best choice for your home and cooling needs. Window-mounted options can be quite cost-effective and are very easy to install. Contact a company, such as Long Beach Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, for more information. 

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