The Latest Advances In Air Conditioning Technology

Air conditioners run in the background largely forgotten until the electric bill arrives, but that hasn't stopped air conditioning manufacturers from engaging in a technological arms race over the past few decades. If your air conditioner is older than ten years old, learn what advances you may have missed out on.

Advanced Thermostats

Many people are happy to just have a programmable thermostat, but basic programmable thermostats are yesterday's news. Now, instead of just turning your air conditioner on and off at specific times, they calculate how long it would take to reach your desired temperature so that they can turn on earlier on hot days and stay off longer on cool days.

The most advanced thermostats don't even require any settings at all. Instead, they monitor your schedule on their own during a brief learning period and automatically adjust themselves.

Of course, your schedule may always change at the last minute. A WiFi thermostat connected to an app on your cell phone can keep you from returning to a hot house or from spending extra money when you forget to turn the air conditioner off before you go away.

Variable Speed Blowers

How many times have you felt ice cold when the air conditioner was running but then started feeling hot again the second it turns off? Variable speed blowers solve this problem.

Instead of simply turning on a high speed blower than turning it off when the desired temperature is reached, variable speed blowers adjust the fan speed up and down for more even cooling. Even though the fan stays on longer, you don't use more energy because the system doesn't stay at full power.

Insulated Ducts

Many older duct systems are made of cheap, thin metal. When the ducts run through your hot attic, your air conditioned air is heated up several degrees before it even reaches you.

This leads to the air coming out of your vents being at a higher temperature than it should, and as a result, your home takes longer to cool. When you switch to energy-efficient, insulated ducts, the air coming out of your vents is just as ice cold as when it left your air conditioner — no matter how big your duct system is.

To learn more about what's new in air conditioners or to get an estimate for an upgraded air conditioner or new air conditioner, contact a local air conditioning services contractor today.

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