Should You Air Condition Your Garage?

Garages are not typically air conditioned since they are not part of the main living space in the home. There are, however, several reasons you may want to consider air conditioning installation for your garage area. Here are a few things to consider as you decide whether or not to add this feature.

Do You Have a Vintage or Collectible Car?

If you have a rare or vintage vehicle, you may want to consider air conditioning as a way to preserve it. Storing your vehicle in a garage with air conditioning protects the vehicle and its components from extreme heat. By creating a climate-controlled environment at home, you won't have to put your vehicle in storage. As an added bonus, you can enjoy the cool temperatures when you work on your vehicle during the hot summer months.

Do You Use Your Garage As a Workshop?

Your garage makes a great place to do woodworking and other hobbies, but extreme heat in the summer can make it uncomfortable to work in your garage. Adding an air conditioner can make it more convenient to practice your hobbies in the summer. When you talk to your HVAC contractor about installing an AC for this purpose, ask about creating a ventilation system for the garage as well. Once air conditioning is installed, you won't want to work with the garage door open. While the closed door will keep the cool air in the garage, it will also keep the fumes from paint thinner, paints, and varnishes in your work space unless you have proper ventilation.

Do You Store Paint and Other Combustibles in the Garage?

The garage is a natural choice for storing spray paint, lighter fluid, pesticides, antifreeze, and other combustible liquids you don't want in your main living area. If you live in a home that experiences extreme heat, storing these items in your garage could be dangerous. Adding air conditioning to the space keeps the chemicals stored at an ideal temperature, which can help you to avoid household accidents.

Talk to your contractor about different options for air conditioning installation. You'll likely want a standalone system, as attaching the garage to your home's ductwork could introduce carbon monoxide fumes from your vehicle into the main living space. An HVAC specialist from a company like Jones Air Conditioning & Electric can help you to come up with a self-contained air conditioning system as well as ways to seal the space around your doors to keep the air conditioner working efficiently. Adding an AC to your garage can make sense for some homeowners. Use this guide to help you decide if it is right for you.

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