Stop Burning Through Money To Get Hot Water: Consider A Tankless Unit Instead

If you have high gas bills and costly water bills every month, your hot water heater may be the cause of your financial concerns. If these bills are continually rising and you notice that it takes longer to get hot water, and that the hot water isn't that hot, you want to call a hot water heater service professional.

There are many issues that could be causing your hot water woes and your high bills, and it may be time to replace your traditional unit. Ask the hot water heater expert what is wrong with your unit, and what the cost will be to upgrade to a tankless unit. Here is why a tankless water heater will be better for your home.

Lower Bills

The tankless unit is very efficient and only heats water when someone in the house uses the hot water faucet or turns on an appliance. This consumes less energy than a heater that keeps water warm all day until it's ready for use, and then has to work to heat a large amount of water so it's ready to use after the tank has been drained. You also won't run the water to wait for the hot water to come out of the faucets, so you'll have lower water bills.

Longer Lasting Hot Water

The hot water heater runs out of hot water when the tank is dry, and then you have to wait for it the tank to prepare more water, but this isn't the issue with a tankless option. The tankless heater can heat the water whenever you want and for as long as you want, so you can take long relaxing showers, you can fill up a hot bath tub, or you can run more than one appliance that uses hot water at once. You can use multiple hot water heaters around the house to improve efficiency anymore.

Fewer Risks

An electric tankless hot water tank isn't going to put the house at the risk of a gas leak, and you don't have to worry about a leak of stored water flooding the basement like you would with a regular hot water heater.

If you are tired of your old water heater costing you a small fortune to run, and you are sick of running out of hot water, the tankless unit is the way to go. Get quotes and see how much you can start saving. For more information, visit sites like

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