Diagnosing Big Odor Issues With A Central Air Conditioning System

A quick burst of freshly cooled air from the vents of your air conditioner can make the worries of a long hot day seem to disappear when you walk into your home. However, if the air radiating from your air vents is smelly, it will definitely not be a welcoming feeling. If you are having issues with an air conditioner that is emitting unusual odors into your home, take note of the particular smell and try to uncover the source of the problem so that you can fix it.

Problem: Your air conditioner smells like sweaty gym shorts.

Cause and Solution: The smell of sweaty gym shorts or dirty old socks is not something that screams comfort by any means. If this is what is radiating from your air vents, it is highly likely that you are dealing with moisture and mildew within the air ducts.

To rectify the situation, you will need to have an air conditioning service tech come to your home and assess the situation to find the moisture problem. It could be something as simple as a drainage leak or water damage from other areas in your home that is making its way into the ductwork, but it is definitely a problem that you want tended to right away.

Problem: When the system first comes on, you always catch a whiff of urine or ammonia. 

Cause and Solution: The last thing that you want to smell when you turn on your central air conditioner is the scent of urine or ammonia, but if certain pests have made their way into your system, this is just what you will get. Mice and other small rodents are notorious for chewing their way into ductwork and building nests with the soft and cushy insulation. Unfortunately, rodents are also notorious for defecating and urinating right where they sleep. In just one month, mice and rats can produce thousands of tiny pellets and leave a flood of urine.

To eliminate the issue, you will have to track down the rodents, remove them and their nesting from the ducts, and possibly have some new lines installed.

There is nothing great about an air conditioner that just makes your home stink, but if you pay close attention to the smell, tracking down the source of the problem can be easy. If you have odor issues with your central air system, talk to an HVAC repair specialist for more information. One company that might be able to meet your needs is Shivani Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

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