Four Air Conditioning Solutions To Give Your Home Modern Energy Efficient Cooling

If you have an outdated cooling system or do not have air conditioning at all, you may want to have a modern energy efficient AC installed for your home. There are many choices for energy efficient cooling, such as ductless AC systems, compact ductwork and geothermal technologies. Here are some of the solutions you may want to consider to give your home energy efficient cooling:

1. Mini Split Ductless Solutions For Small Homes

Mini split ductless AC systems can be a great solution for small homes. If you want to have an efficient AC system, the split systems offer you many advantages over a single unit. This is because they can provide your home with a zoned design, and the air conditioning your home needs. A single unit may be good for open space, but usually will not cool an entire home effectively.

2. Geothermal For Heating And Cooling Needs

Geothermal heating and cooling is another energy efficient solution for your cooling needs. These systems use a geothermal heat pump to provide your system with energy efficiency. This can be a costly option, but it may be worth the investment for new home constructions and major renovation projects. This can be ideal to make a more conventional HVAC system more energy efficient.

3. Compact Ducts For Retrofitting And Tight Spaces

Compact ductwork is another option for new homes and tight spaces. This is a special type of system that uses smaller ductwork, with fans that blow air at a higher velocity. These systems can be great for retrofitting homes with modern AC or for a small AC design in homes with a limited amount of space. The ducts in these systems are the size of plumbing pipes and can easily be installed in wall cavities without the need for major renovations.

4. Evaporative Coolers For An Alternative To Conventional AC

Evaporative coolers are another option for your cooling needs. These are not conventional AC systems, but rather systems that use the process of evaporation to cool your home. They can be installed with ductwork and use a lot less energy than traditional air conditioners. Evaporative coolers are ideal for dry climates.

These are some of the choices you may want to consider to give your home energy efficient cooling. If you need to have a new AC installed for your home, contact an air conditioning contractor and talk with them about some of these options for your cooling needs.

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